Falling in Love with the Barter Books Bookshop.

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DSC_0464 If there is magic anywhere in England it’s in this bookshop. Did I say bookshop?  Barter Books is so much more than that- it’s the home of the most intense passion for books that walls can contain. And what great walls they are…

Location, location! Barter Books is one of the biggest secondhand bookshops in England, located in an old Victorian train station in the historical town of Alnwick. The owners, Stuart and Mary Manley, put a lot of passion in creating a world dedicated to old books. They started the shop in 1991 and it has since proved to be such a success that it has been called by the New Statesman magazine “The British Library of secondhand bookshops.” The best landlord in the world and my dear friend Laura brought me there last weekend. It has proved to be an unforgetable trip, something I will probably talk about a lot to everyone that will listen. So please listen… Read the rest of this entry »


Online Book Shopping or the Death of the Local Bookstores?

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Bibliobús Cavall Bernat

I love books! I love the process of writing a book, the amazing feeling you get when you read a good book, the fun you have discussing a book with your friends, and last but not least I like buying books. In my last post I was excited about going out and getting some new titles from the biggest sale that happens here yearly. It was good. It was. But it got me thinking: I buy many books although my budget doesn’t always agree with this. And I buy them online because it’s cheaper. Read the rest of this entry »