Why I love the Humble Bundle.

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Humble Bundle - Logo Vertical
The Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is, as the title suggests, a collection of games, books, music albums, etc that are available for purchase at a price determined by the customer. The bundles vary in content (from my own experience they are likely to be games of different kinds), and they are available for purchase for only a couple of weeks and only online. Furthermore, the money goes to charity. Yeah, I know, good stuff.

The first Humble Bundle I bought was called Humble eBook Bundle I, and contained some authors I knew and some I didn’t, so it was a great way to discover great books. Since then I have bought many more bundles, most containing games I enjoyed on my tablet/phone/PC. I have been waiting for a new eBook bundle and here it is! Yay!

The Humble Bundle is great because once you bought the bundle you not only get to choose how much you pay, but also how much goes where (divided between charity, the Humble Bundle, or the author.Namnlös

You can gift it to people. I never tried this, but apparently you get a code you then give to the person who then needs to download the bundle.

As Humble Bundle states, ´´As of June 4, 2013, customers have given approximately $13.5 million to the many great charities associated with Humble Bundle.´´ This is great news. You can contribute to charity while getting some new titles. Listed charities that have benefited from the HB are: The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Child’s Play, SFWA, American Red Cross, World Land Trust, Charity: Water, and Block by Block.  After every bundle ends, there is always a statistic that shows how much went where, a top of the biggest donations, platforms used, etc.

Humble Bundles tries its very best to be DRM free. This means that once you bought the bundle, you can give your friend a copy of the game/book you enjoyed so much. This is sometimes not possible in the case of games, especially those that are to be downloaded through the Steam software. Otherwise, books have always been DRM free so far, so you can give them to friends, as you would normally be able to do with a physical book.

Your purchased bundles end up in the same place: your HB account. You can access this from any computer connected to the internet. So if you forgot the laptop, eBook reader, or tablet home, you can always download your bundle on a different device. Like I said, great stuff.

The current bundle.

I believe Humble Bundle is a great way to discover new authors you perhaps never heard of. These days the ongoing bundle is indeed an eBook Bundle, and it contains some titles that I am really looking forward. At the moment I am writing this it has 11 days remaining, so hurry! This video talks about the bundle’s content at length: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aPsc0BDcJs&feature=player_embedded

Please share the Humble Bundle page on your Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc. so more people can find out about the great concept behind it, and how they can help charity while getting great entertainment themselves.

Have fun!


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