Month: March 2013

The Art Courses and The University Budget Cuts Walk Into a Bar.

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Malmö University (MAH)

…and the bartender says ´´Hey! I know where this is going!´´. And so do I. As a matter of fact, if you are studying Arts you probably do too. I was naively living in a world where the Art Department was the bread and butter of the society, the soul of the University, the heart of the Academia. Well it isn’t.  Not in the eyes of the Government people who, when it comes to saving money and cutting costs, are pointing fingers at the education budget. I am an English student who at the end of next year will have a bachelor of Arts with a major in English Studies. My teachers are wonderful people, always trying to do the best for us, teaching engaging courses, encouraging us to be creative. But there is only so much that they can do.

This semester I have been engaged (and still am) in a great course called Creative Writing. It is a distance course at Malmö University,Sweden, based on developing our skills as writers through workshops, reading, as well as giving and receiving feedback. Great stuff, you might say. Well that’s not what the University thought when it came to cutting costs. What is happening is that the Government decided the universities need to cut their budget, and  as usual the art courses went down first. SO we nagged and nagged and in the end decided to…well…do something. And we did what we do best. We wrote. Between our workshops and deadlines we wrote some mails to the Vice Chancellor. We told him how this course is unique in Scandinavia. We told him how important our English speaking community in Southern Sweden is. We told him former students are being published all over the place resulting in an income. We told him how every semester there are so many students who just can’t get a spot in the course because there is no more room. We told him how our department is cut from Literature courses all the freaking time, and how this is just another low blow. Mainly we told him how much we love our course. I don’t know how many e mails he received but at the end many asked him about this issue on his blog, as well as making Facebook pages where we discussed why the course should not be discontinued. And it worked. I honestly didn’t thought it would, but it did and boy did I let out a wild loud cheer when I heard the good news. We get to keep the course. It will not be discontinued. Yay for us. Power to the people, right? Read the rest of this entry »


New Camera for Better Pictures! Yay!

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I recently got a new camera. It’s a great one! I am absolutely clueless about what I am doing, but so happy. One of these days I am going to go out, take some pictures while looking very professional, but really knowing absolutely nothing about what I am doing. In my defense I am reading a book about photography and looking at various videos on the internet. Oh yeah..the camera is a Nikon D3200.

So far the weather has been depressing here so I just took some pics at a lamp and at some books( to see how they would look on the blog. The books. Not the lamp). Here is a cool one( in my opinion) from the Burton book I just wrote about. I like ”Staring Girl”…

Staring girl likes to...stare.
Staring girl likes to…stare.

Yes I know…this post was so random you barely noticed. Ha!

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories.

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The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy.
The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy.

I am a huge fan of the “creepy” literature genre. And in that category I believe there is only one person that does it right: Tim Burton.  I liked his movies ever since I was very young. One of the best memories regarding Burton is from when I was much younger, and was watching The Corpse Bride on TV. I was giggling, and I remember my mother reading something next to me while making nasty remarks from time to time. ´´How can you watch that? It’s disgusting´´. But soon enough she started giggling too and we ended up laughing together at the amusing ´´kinda-dead´´ characters. The episode had quite an impact on me and my way of thinking of a ´´good creepy movie´´, and ever since then I tried my very best to keep up with his stuff. I find it to be magic, funny, smart, and creepy just enough to make it interesting and detach it from the rest. And here I don’t mean movies only.

Yesterday I gave in and bought a book that was tempting me for quite a while: The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories´´.  I am not a big fan of poetry and verse in special, but this was such an experience I might just change my mind about that. The book is rather small, you can read it over lunch, like I did, trying not to laugh out loud. Read the rest of this entry »