Bokrea or Nirvana for Swedish Book Lovers!

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LA2 bokrea 2009 BokskottenYou see those big signs yelling  “REA” at you? That is a word of magic and wonder that means “Sale”. You might have noticed the big piles of books scattered around. Yes, you got it, you got it! It’s a book sale! Today in Sweden all the bookshops have major book sales. It is a great day for me because I can go out and get some nice titles. Then again, this is a sad day for my wallet who screams as I enter yet another bookshop “No more!  No more”. The prices are really low, so now is the time to stack on those books that I have been thinking of getting but never did since I prioritized text books and other (seemingly) useful things for school. Oh! And did I mention that this is going on as well on the online bookshops? Mmmm, sweet day of book sale here I come!

If you happen to live in Sweden here is the list of  online shops that have the “bokrea” (book sale):

Akademibokhandelsen also has bokrea, but does not offer a possibility to buy the books online.


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