Hello World, as They Say Around Here!

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What does a person who is so busy that sometimes she barely has time to sleep (okay, so that is a gross exaggeration) do? Why of course she starts a blog! Right? Wrong! However, this is what I am doing and I am not listening to any silly voice of reason! I will not waste anyone’s time by telling the story of my life, what lunch I had today, or why I like writing (although that might come  up); if you are curious you can check all this stuff in the About section (it’s right above all this text. Look there! Under the title! Yeah that’s it. You found it). What I am going to do is tell you why I started this blog and what I intend to write about.

First of all…I like writing. What I like even more than that is reading. And that has been going on for quite some time. As a matter of fact, it’s been a constant thing in my life and I figured I can’t be the only one. Writing about what I like to read (or don’t like…yes, that might come up too) is a no-brainer. I read all sorts of ´´stuff´´ and the things that you will find here will be varying from many genres (fantasy, science fiction, biographies, ABC books, text books, etc and not necessarily in that other). Perhaps there will be some reviews, though I know I am nobody to put a stamp of good or bad on any book. Perhaps some analysis here and there and interesting interpretations. Perhaps talking about some interesting literature courses and workshops out there. Things like that. And I know what you are thinking: Just another literary blog…. Well yeah…but give it a shot. If it’s bad you can laugh at me and never come here again. Sorry for wasting your time. If it’s good…well then you know what to do. Stay and read me. So I promise you I will try and make it a good one. I hope I will do that by bringing you new and fresh interesting books, little pearls that you would love to get your hands on but just didn’t know they existed. Older and classic stuff that perhaps you always thought of as too rigid to read because nobody told you how kick-ass they are(ok, so maybe the classics are not ´´kicking ass´´ but some are amazing if given a chance). Suggestions on books, authors, and anything connected to literature are welcomed and encouraged, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment or (in case of chronic shyness) mail me.

Perhaps this is a good time to emphasize the fact that I am NOT an English native speaker (more on that in the ´´About´´ section) and from time to time the natural typo or weird construction might show up to say hi. Tell me so I can kill it with fire or you can just ignore it. Either way: don’t be a bully. Or antagonize. Oh look!I used a big word so I get a cookie. It means don’t be rude, ok? Don’t be like that! And I get to keep my cookie.


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